These 3 seemed to be besties and they had another friend we took in too, just because she was soooo cute and so much in need of a way out of the shelter... The three of them became instant members of the family, our chihuahuas were sad to say goodbye when it was time! Happy tails!

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Lemur found a home so quickly we barely got any photos of him! He was a little shy and liked being close to our mom at first but he was all hugs and kisses after some time seeing how our family routine worked. Food wasn't as much his favorite, he liked to get love and attention.


Nimbus was scared in the shelter but did a million happy zoomies when he realized he was in a safe happy home. He made friends with our pack right away and charmed everyone with his little dances and smiles. If it's possible for a dog to be excited to meet everyone, it's him, his new mom fell in love at first sight!

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​We found this katydid missing one of her back legs in our yard, we don't know what happened but she couldn't fly so we took her in. We fed her and gave her all the things we read she would need and she lived with us for almost 2 months! We got to know her really well and we will tell you- insects have tons of personality!


This tiny little bundle of love was one of the first foster dogs we remember having in our house. She didn't have a story! We didn't know anything about her time before we met her but we gave her as much love and fun as we could before she was adopted by a really nice woman.

Animal Friends!


Jack Sparrow came to our house without a story except that he was really skinny and had to wear a sweater and be fed with care so he could gain weight. He loved cuddles and his dog friends really helped him learn how to have fun again! He was adopted and went to a great home where he is doing great, we think about him all the time and smile whenever we see a sparrow.

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All of our lives we've fostered dogs and helped mom & dad with other animals that we've found or been part of helping rescue. This year we have met a very special pot bellied pig and we have even helped save a horse! We love all of our animal friends, please adopt, foster or rescue.  See how you can help by looking in your area for rescues and sanctuaries!

We don't go to zoos but we really love visiting sanctuaries and animal rescues. Ways to help animals vary depending where you live so we do what we can with the resources that are nearest to us but it's possible to adopt or sponsor animals that are far away. 

We really like fundraising for organizations that help animals and volunteering our time to help whenever we can. Other ways we help can just happen without any planning, like if there are lost dogs in our neighborhood, if a snail breaks their shell and needs some time to heal or if a we come across a bee that needs a drink and some rest before flying on. 

Scroll down to meet our animal friends and hear their stories!

If you help animals tell us all about it! And if you want to help animals but don't know how you can find a grownup to show you local rescues and sanctuaries you can support.